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Collateral Loans
MDM Collateral Loan Corp. Services
Once Owned Jewelry
Rate of interest for collateral loans are four percent per month. Term for collateral loans are FOUR (4) MONTHS. Payments are due at end of term. Borrower will have option at end of term to pay interest fees and renew another FOUR (4) MONTH term if not in position to redeem pledge. Any pledge may be sold by us after FOUR (4) MONTHS from date of pawn, provided at least (30) days before the sale we send you, by mail, to the address given at the time of pledge, a written notice that we intend to sell. All collateral we be stored off site in secure location.
At MDM Collateral Loan Corp., we offer alternative financing using personal assets as collateral. We analyze your item for precious metal purity, weight and rarity. For Diamonds: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight will be determined for mounted or unmounted stones. Precious Gem Stones are Identified as natural, synthetic or treated. Once enough information of your item is gathered we finalize the process of value by using trade publications of price guides and daily precious metal spot prices. A loan quote or offer to purchase with immediate cash settlement is the final step.

Using same methods of establishing value as outlined above we will make you an offer to purchase your item(s). The amount offered to buy your item(s) always amount to more than loan offers. If your item happens to be jewelry, watches, precious stones, precious metals or coins, we will hold these items for a period of 14 days from date of purchase in the event you change your mind and would like to buy back your item. However, interest and storage fees will apply as per our terms of collateral loans.

Due to nature of our business, most of our products were once owned. However, all Jewelry items were thoroughly cleaned and analyzed by a GIA, Graduate Gemologist to ensure accurate description and  gem identification.